Coat of Arms Symbolism


Our symbolism pages are intended to provide you with some additional material regarding the Coat of Arms and what it consists of.


Be aware that many of these pages are graphic-intensive and may take longer to load. They can be accessed from the menu on the left.



The Parts of the Coat of Arms provides a graphic display with labels and descriptions of the elements that make up the Coat of Arms.


Tinctures provides a series of shields demonstrating the basic colors, and engraving marks where applicable, for the make-up of the basic shield itself.


Ordinaries demonstrates the 9 most basic charges for a Coat of Arms.


Crosses includes 60 variations in styles of crosses that may be found on a Coat of Arms.


Lines of Separation provides a visual display showing the line styles which are commonly utilized to separate the shield into sections, primarily used in marshaling the Coat of Arms.


Marks of Cadency are the symbols which are frequently used in indicating the order in which a male child was born in the family.


Charges have been broken into a series of pages to speed up the load time and to make it easier to find the symbol you are seeking. We have included approximately 380 items on these pages.



Additional information on the history of the Coat of Arms, how it is Marshaled, along with graphic displays of Coats of Arms by country and some Royal Coats of Arms may be found in our Learning Center.